A Very Christmas Christmas

by Mom-Face

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Mary Chrismas!!

A lovely review of the album by Newgrounds user 'Troisnyx':

"Let me make it clear that for starters, I'm not a fan of these lyrics. I will review based on musicality, and how the lyrics are meant to relate to the music. Not on the lyrical content.

Now this is meant to be a metal piece or a rock piece of sorts. You've got that Egyptian feel, but it sounds more like a prelude to a climactic entry of drums, basses and guitars. Imagine, with those drums, basses and guitars, you could STILL pull off an Egyptian feel by keeping those percussions and shawms playing. You could still pull off a Jimi Hendrix somewhere in the piece and it would sound amazing.

At this point, you've only got an unexpressive drum loop and unexpressive shawms. Metal is one of the most expressive genres of all time, and I think you can agree with me on that. :/ There's absolutely no change with regards to volume control or mixing, which makes me wonder whether you assembled loops together for this piece............

As for the vocals. There are no metal growls, which make me think, they would sound great in a prog rock piece. But here's the keyword: WOULD. Your vocals are mid frequencies. There's no bass to sustain it, no drive which would come from guitars. The echoes and watery effects in the voices are alright, but the vocals themselves lack expression. They're all monotonous. And that's the LAST thing you would ever want to find in a metal or rock piece. >_<

*sigh* Please do something about this. All the stuff I said above shows potential. And what I hear is... well, severely lacking.



released December 24, 2013

All music written and performed by your mom.




Eoghan Breathnach Dublin, Ireland

i still use audacity lol

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Track Name: Christmess
I'm so tired of you holding my hand
I'm so tired of you dragging my feet in the sand
With the exclusion of me
You can still be three
And though we're no longer we
I'm still a part of the team

Let's talk a bit about loneliness
A gift from far-away lands, your Holiness
When sometimes you get it and sometimes you don't
It always feels the same to me

Stormy weather
Go getter
Turning blood into wine
Let's pretender
Feeling better
Now that everything's fine
What you put in
Is what you get out
'Though it's nailing you all the time
Putting what in
Is putting what out
Although it's fucking you by the dime
World ender
Track Name: January
I broke all my fucking spoons