by Eoghan Breathnach

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happy december'ween.


released December 24, 2014




Eoghan Breathnach Dublin, Ireland

i still use audacity lol

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Track Name: NYC
My first steps are a breath of fresh air
As the sun dies and goes away riddled with despair
The snow falls and melts away under neon
Dried up, underfoot, now it's all gone
But I feel like I'm no longer sinking
I've finally squandered my grip
And now the purity of total isolation is the only sensation that I wanna feel

Now when my mind goes
And my brain froze
And I no longer feel
Burn my prose
Throw out my clothes
My friend
It's colder here
And, dear, I fear
I'll lose myself faster
Than when I was fully intact
But I know
It won't be as hard
With Kierkegard
And a guitar
At the tiki bar
I've come so far
From home
And when the brainfreeze corrodes my being and sends me into a coma I'll know that I'm finally numb

I rise to a sharp, steel and silvery morn
As the cold cuts and bites me like a bloodthirsty thorn
Breakfast on Broadway, ice-skate in the Park
Corporeal goods have a place in my heart
My mind is finally shrinking
Reality's given the slip
And now the abstinence of worldliness is the only godforsaken noise that I wanna hear
Track Name: Zelda
Sleepless impatience
Self-imposing relations
In the morning, a fantasy
In the Twilight, after sleep

But I never felt that numb
And I never felt at home
I don't want to live in excess
I just want to save the princess

Slice through the waves, foamy blue marzipan
An adventure right here inside my hands
The world gets smaller as my mind expands
In this Hourglass I am just a grain of sand

Exhausted and heavy
Praying for a moment of confidentiality
Try to remember when I was ever not bored
Try to close my eyes, dreaming Skyward

I hate this place
Track Name: Neil
Although, my friend, I've never met you
You made it end, I knew I could count on you
When I just thought that it was over
You came and lent me your shoulder
The sun has set and I am just coming home
Left the parapet, threw out my gun
Walking in the dark watching the aurora
And slowly drifting into Gomorrah

Oh, Neil, my friend
You helped me make the badness all end
Because of you I have to no longer pretend
That there's a world to transcend
Oh, Neil, you saved me
I think I was crazy
Corroded, lackadaisy
So for this I must praise thee
Oh, Neil

When the days get short and the sky gets bleak
When I build a fort and have no mind to speak
When the stars align with everything wrong
And I tend to avoid all my friends and throngs
There's a certain shade or hue of colour
That grants me aid, removes the squalor
And though it's generally internal
He can find a way to make life less infernal
Track Name: Glacier
An endless depth of gradient blues and greens swallow me
Enveloping me into a dark and icy embrace
Drawing me down further into the direful, ominous void
Withdrawing any ounce of humanity my body might still possess

As my body and my blood and my mind freezes, I can imagine
A sunny day lying in the grass and gazing into the sun with closed eyes
The warm electromagnetic rays warding off
The bleakness of what is inside

And when I awake, I realise I have surpassed the mouth and currently reside in the bowels
Digested and forgotten, calloused and unrecognisable
All colour has drained as I float downwards, indefinitely
Without a trace of happiness or sadness or anything in between

It's finally here
The fate I have wished for
The numbness I crave
The absence of a soul

Swallow me and repent my disease
I will destroy myself before I am cleansed