by Eoghan Breathnach

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sometimes i am on my eoghan but that does breathnach mean i am unhappy


released April 18, 2015




Eoghan Breathnach Dublin, Ireland

i still use audacity lol

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Track Name: Aeris
Aeris, I met you not long ago
After I blew up some mako
You saw the badness inside of me
And somehow mistook it for beauty
Well, I brush the dirt off and run away
I'm sure I'll meet you again some day
And it was right then at that moment I could see
My entire universe's meaning

Lying to you is so much harder than to everyone else
I wanna set you aside and keep you here just for myself
I'm your bodyguard, I'll keep you safe, don't worry
The only payment I need is for you to never leave me

Well, you see in the distance that airship
I promise some day I'll whisk you away with it
Even if my friends disappear and the planet dies
I found a new life inside your eyes
Can't rest for a moment, let me take your hand
Let me lead you unto the promised land
The world's gonna end but what can I do
'Cause my world ended when I lost you

How can I possibly care when you're simply just not there
How can I possibly feel when I love you and you're not real
Track Name: Sad Ghost
There's a party tonight
Thank God, I was just feeling feeble
I'm so tired of my friends
I'm so fucking tired of people
I can't wait to get drunk
Trip or get high
To music that I hate
And plan how I'll die

But I'm so tired of missing out
And I'm so tired of life passing me by
When I get old will I think to myself
"I regret all the things that I didn't try"
When repetition numbs me the fuck out
And I can't help but get in these moods
But what really gets me and infuriates me
Is that it never seems to happen to you

The same conversations
Over and over again
With the exact same people
Start again as soon as they end
Surrounded by faces
But none of them mean much to me
I wanna be alone
But I don't wanna feel lonely
Track Name: Everybody Wins
We had a dream
As a collective consciousness
Where every human being
Has a place where they can rest
Where everyone has a heart
And we unplug the machines
But the illusion falls apart
Just like any other dream

But someone's gotta lose
If everyone else wins
Someone to get tired
And eventually give in
The produce to consume
And the resource to just use
If everyone else wins
Surely someone has to lose

We had a dream
Of a very sacred place
For everybody's soul
Somewhere way out there in space
But some people get left behind
To nobody's disgust
Not everyone can fit on board
There's just too many of us

They were gonna die anyway
Settle down, wipe the tears from your face
Inflation makes life lose it's value
I don't believe in the human race
Track Name: With Flow
Just say you don't care
'Cause if you don't care
Nothing can ever hurt you again
If you don't try, you can't fail
Nothing ever works out in the end
Though you tried so hard, someone else will take it
And rub it unknowingly in your face
It's the only thing you've ever loved
And yet you only ever come in last place

It's not who you were or who you'll be
All that matters is who you are
But what do you do when who you are
Is frequently found to be subpar
When every morning's a struggle to survive
Just to do the same thing all over again
When that blissful time comes, I want you to know
That I hope I'll go with flow

You'll never be tall, dark and handsome
Though you're dumb as shit, you know it's true
Women will never seem to be around
'Cause you're exactly the type of freak that they eschew
So you throw in the towel and silently resign
Unhappy with what life can give
But the problem is you don't want to die
You only want to live
Track Name: Platonic Cuddles
Drawn out and painful inquisition
Premature, unforeseen admission
Beyond the border of masochism
Snuffed out by the opposition

Everything's always better inside my head
So I think I'd sooner reside here instead
Use creative license until the truth is dead
Oh, the places I've gone, the adventures I've had
Inside my bed
All inside my head

Near identical expression
Stone-wall all progression
Move around in rapid succession
I love blood and gore
Disingenuous pervert
The very definition of overt
You're my property to subvert
I don't really care anymore
Track Name: Saturdays
It's time to wake up
And wipe the sleep from my eyes
Yeah, this week has been tough
But I still like to watch the sunrise
All the times when I'm alone
Are the best I've ever had
And all the time I've spent inside my home
Are the times when I'm the least sad

And I like these days
'Cause they make me feel so small
And I like to pretend
That I'm not here at all
'Cause I stay inside
Far away from the sun
And I like these days
'Cause they remind me of when I was young

I don't think I wanna smoke
'Cause it's not good for your mind
And it turns everything into a joke
And it's just an overall waste of time
'Cause that's the one thing that we can't get
But it's the one thing that we need
Though it helps us to forget
We are never actually free
Track Name: You and I
If everything was green
Then I wouldn't have to be part of the machine
And the world would fade from view
If the sky was clean
Then the sun would smile and laugh and gleam
And I'd feel warm with you

If humans were innocent
Maybe we could avoid our punishment
And escape what we're endowed
But we'll never escape our sins
Death comes for all men
And I'll be swallowed by the cloud

When the sirens go off
And I've only two minutes left to live
Well, I hope I spend them with you
When everyone's screaming and running around
And I've nothing left to give
Well, I hope that you won't, too
And the sky comes tumbling down
And your hand's in mine
And the universe has finally won
And the heavens are open now
A singularity in time
And you and I are eternally one

And God is dead now
Not that I ever felt he was alive
And I can't say I'm that upset
And I can hear the sounds
Of all the birds and insects as they strive
They haven't caught onto it yet

The moon fills up the sky
And I can no longer see the sun
As the world cascades
And the Earth begins to fry
And burns up everyone
And our entire history and meaning fades

Please don't run away, I don't wanna die alone
Let alone, I don't wanna die
On the very final day, as death awaits everyone
We'll go together, you and I
Track Name: Cloud
She's so nice to me
But then again, she's nice to everyone
And she was painted like a dream
And shines brighter than any sun
The only person I can cope
And actually makes me want to smile
A faint glow that projects hope
Even though we'll all die in a while

Every moment that we share
Resides right here inside my mind
And it makes me sad beyond despair
To know everything precious dies
But angels live forever
In our most treasured memories
I don't think they'll ever understand
Exactly what she means to me

Barely there, no one cares
Everyone's too preoccupied
Nervous twitch, bad feeling 'bout this
You smile and I feel mollified
I have to make it stop but how?
I knew this would happen, I'm bereft
Something terrible's happening now
Chew my nails 'til there's no nails left
Track Name: No Exit
You fuck-up, you look inside a mirror
And see a demon staring back at you
The only thing that I wanna do
Is get the hell away from all of you

Some say you've got to find the meaning
Inside yourself
Well, I think I already know the meaning
I just can't execute it well
When I feel pain I smile
'Cause at least I can still feel
I'm trapped within the confines of my body
When there's a whole universe out there to unpeel

Why try?
You're stuck inside a world with other people
The afterlife isn't even real
So come on, why don't you kill yourself?