Please Don't

by Eoghan Breathnach

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to be continued...


released August 10, 2016




Eoghan Breathnach Dublin, Ireland

i still use audacity lol

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Track Name: Hold Hands
sorry you have to be with me tonight
i know you'd much rather be somewhere else
make excuses to spend time with you
like i wanna see this movie but not by myself

so here i go bringing the vibes down yet again
all i can think about is how all the good times will end
and i'm so sorry i'm scared
and i'm so sorry i'm angry
i'm just anxious you're thinking of a future without me

sorry i know i'm not talking much
i'm just afraid you'll be bored by anything that i say
and i know you don't give a shit about darkjazz or doomgaze
but i've started rambling so i might as well go all the way

so here i go getting all emotional and shit
i know it's hard to be with me when i get like this
and i'm so sorry i'm aimless
and i'm so sorry i'm gloomy
i'm just afraid i don't matter to you as you do to me

sorry i always try and hold hands i know you don't like that
but what am i supposed to do?
'cause everyone is overwhelming and they all wanna take me away
when i all i wanna do is be close to you