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i don't have a funny anecdote for this one sorry


it's not your fault
but why are you only ever alone?
it's like all you ever do is stay shrouded in yourself at home
how come you never answer your phone?
'cause we don't ever see around no more
you never come and visit us anymore
it's like i have to come knocking down on your goddamn door just to hear a fucking word that wasn't rehearsed before
you act like you're the only one who's affected by your silence
like you're the only one who gets scared when the day ends 'cause you're one step closer to the end and you're just not ready
to let the melody send you off to somewhere empty
how come you're always alone?
how come you never phone?
'cause we're your friends and we all love you
'cause it's getting harder for you to not be here too
'cause it's getting harder to just never see you


released February 22, 2017




Eoghan Breathnach Dublin, Ireland

i still use audacity lol

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