Anime Girls

by Eoghan Breathnach

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i have impossible standards that no real human being could possibly live up to


sexual apathy
has got a firm hold on me
and every person that i meet
all just look identical to me
with interchangeable personalities
all with the same basic functionalities
the same goals, same ideals, what's the appeal
in liaisons that are real

what's the point in going out
if i'm just gonna come back home
i'd much rather just stay right here
and get high in my room all alone
i need to get to a separate plane
'cause reality is too profane
i want the things that aren't in this world
i want to marry an anime girl

i have no goals, anyway
i'm never gonna marry felicia day
but i'm wed quite dearly to the things
that make the whole world go away
it's that "everything's fine" attitude that i'm sick of
i'm never gonna make a living doing what i love
the only thing that'll make this misery end
is a 4"10 japanese girlfriend

my girlfriend cheated on me
in artificial academy
so with that i've given up hope
i guess i'm destined to surrender and tope
i don't care what happens anymore
i'm staying in here and i'm locking the goddamn door
as the world goes by in gasps and whorls
i'll submit myself to anime girls


released August 6, 2015
got the samples from a bunch of different shit; watamote, oreimo, aa2 and probably some other stuff i can't remember




Eoghan Breathnach Dublin, Ireland

i still use audacity lol

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