by Eoghan Breathnach

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i don't even know anymore


the hardest part of my day
is waking up by myself
but never mind about that
it's time to make some toast
i grab my laptop and
i put the toaster on
head down to springfield
and catch up with the simpsons

knock 'em dead
spinach and eggs
and sweetened strawberry spread
well knock it right back at ya
with some spicy sriracha
a nutritious breakfast treat
and now my day is complete

recorded off of sky one
and sometimes channel 4
i'm fucking pissed off because
i burnt my goddamn toast
now i'm gonna miss my show
this is the episode
where homer gets a new job
working for hank scorpio

my favourite yellow family
acting out on the telly
funny scenarios
to keep my belly laughing
wash it down with choco chips
to help forget about it
i can't forget about it
i fucking hate burnt toast


released May 28, 2017




Eoghan Breathnach Dublin, Ireland

i still use audacity lol

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