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what are you always running away from?
you can catch me in my cockpit
where the stars blaze past through a bleak ocean mass
that separates me from you

i'm not coming home
you'll never see me again
i'm a sun that's burning out
i'm sifting through the constellations
failed operations, nightwish, capricorn
i'm in the metroid prime of my life
you'll never tie me down

i'm counting ripples that fall from the comets
and shine just like diamonds
or frozen tears from my eyes
the sunset it purple and radiates a twilight
that sounds just like silence
or frozen fears realised

delta 296 what's the meaning of this?
we hear you loud and clear and we're sick of your shit
quit making promises that you can't keep
you leave disappointment behind in every galaxy
ghosts forgotten and fucked out flock to future stars
the type that inform everybody else exactly what you are
desolate someone's hopes, pull the trigger, skip town
if you can't stick around then why'd you always tie yourself down?


from MoonBlast, released July 31, 2017




Eoghan Breathnach Dublin, Ireland

i still use audacity lol

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