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why hide it?


it keeps getting brought up like the girl you knew from school's abortion last february
or the time that you told everyone that the sky was falling, no for real this time
so why can't i just throw it in the back seat and skullfuck it 'til it's an obituary?
i don't need no goddamn onlookers to tell me which parts of my body are theirs and mine

press your shame down onto my teeth
watch me crack underneath
i could be an everyday man's philomela
held together by cheap alcohol, parental issues and leather
i want you to teach me how to wear a dress
i could be your, i could be
i could be your's but i could never be me

i can be adam i can be eve, i can be anything in between
i can be a dull toothache in the middle of the night or the cure coming to take it away in the moonlight
i can be the source drip feeding an impecunious, futile, sad addict
or a secret you gag and bind and strip down and hide in the corner of your mother's attic

you can call me stacey, you can call me fuck
you can call me anything you want, baby
you can call me crazy, you can call me slut
you can call me anything you want, i don't care


released November 24, 2016




Eoghan Breathnach Dublin, Ireland

i still use audacity lol

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